Mousehole Mornings

We awoke on our third and final day in beautiful Cornwall with a taste for adventure. We decided to leave the comfort of St Ives and go on a little road trip, visiting some spots a little further south. Ollie had his heart set on the village of Mousehole, which you may recognise from that really heartwarming Nationwide advert where the little boy makes his dad a scarf before he goes off to sea (cue ridiculous sobbing on my part). 

The sun must have put his hat on especially for us as it was our three year anniversary! Our time together has gone by in such a flash and I cannot believe it has been so long. 

We visited Mousehole quite early so the tide was out, meaning the harbour consisted of many beached boats and a whole hunk of seaweed. I personally think it was still pretty beautiful. 

We took a wander through the narrow lanes (which by the way are a complete nightmare to drive through, so if you're visiting I definitely wouldn't recommend a big car!), popping in and out of gorgeous little trinket shops that stocked some of the most gorgeous bits and pieces. I had to hold back from spending tons of money. 

Throughout our time in Cornwall we played the enjoyable game of "Where's Poldark", because his handsome mug kept popping up all over the place. 

One of my favourite things about Mousehole were these adorable little stalls that were scattered about the roads. This one sold homemade owls (I have a strange obsession with owls). You pick your owl and place your money in the jar. 

I picked up this sweet little owl pin badge that now lives on my bag. It's so sweet and lovely! 

I wore another pair of my bargain shorts from the Mango sale in navy, which I snagged for only £10 a pair! I paired this with a suitably seaside themed striped shirt that I love. It's versatile and stylish without being over the top. 

Shirt - Uniqlo || Shorts - Mango || Trainers - Converse

This shop had to take the cake for being the best, simply because there was a sleeping cat on the till desk! If you can't see, the post-it note on his tummy says "Please do not wake me!"

I also discovered my new seaside dream home. Is this not the prettiest door you've ever seen? 

After a lovely wander around we decided to head to a new location, somewhere I had never been before but Ollie thought I would love. And boy was he right. It was truly special...

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