The Mermaid of Zennor

My love for mermaids and mythical creatures is no secret, and one place I have always wanted to visit was the legendary village of Zennor. When I was younger I remember reading books about and based on the legend of the mermaid who stole men away from the village. 

Although I probably wouldn't be that kind of mermaid (I'm all Ariel over here!) I have always been enchanted by the legend. Luckily, St Ives is only a ten minute drive away. 

We awoke to our first breakfast at the B&B, and I have to say it was the best breakfast I've had in a while.

We chose our cooked breakfasts the night before and I could not resist the French toast with grilled banana and maple syrup. It sounded heavenly and I was more than happy when it arrived.

Gorgeous eggy bread and sweet maple syrup, it was both light and delicious and I have to say it was the best French toast I've ever had. I know, big words coming from quite the sweet breakfast specialist.

Ollie of course went for the full english, which was equally as good.

Simon and Anna also laid on a beautiful spread of fruit, homemade granola and yoghurt every morning which I could not resist. The granola was incredible and it was the perfect start to the day.

We journeyed down the coast to spectacular sun and beautiful views before parking in Zennor and deciding to take the coastal walk to the cliffs.

I finally got the chance to wear my kimono, which I don't know why but I felt like it was kind of mermaid-y? Either way, I'm in love with it!

Kimono - Miss Selfridge || Jeans - C/O Lily Lulu Fashion || Sandals - New Look (similar here

Backpack - New Look

As we drew closer to the sea we felt even more transported into the fairytale world of the mermaids and their home. To be fair, if I were a mermaid, I couldn't imagine a more perfect place to live.

Of course I couldn't resist perching on a rock overlooking the crashing waves and imagining that I had a shimmering fish tail!

Close enough?

Before we left we stopped by St Senara's Church, home of the legendary mermaid chair that people come especially to visit.

The church is over 1400 years old and so beautiful inside. I was the only person there and I spent some time exploring every corner. I also signed the guest book they have, so if you ever visit have a flick back to August 2015 and see if you can find what I wrote.

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