Lavender Fields

My dream came true. Perhaps the strangest dream in existence, but a dream nonetheless. 

If you follow me on twitter then you probably are sick to death of hearing me natter on about tulle skirts this and tulle skirts that. For the longest time the princess inside of me has been like GET ON IT JORDAN I NEED A TULLE SKIRT. Well, the fairy godmothers at Jones+Jones have heard my prayers and I cannot tell you how overwhelmed I was when this surprise delivery turned up at my door. I actually cried happy tears. I'm such a weirdo. 

The skirt is part of their jj studio collection, which contains all things beautiful and vintage, and ever since I laid eyes on it I had fallen in love. Having been on the hunt for a tulle skirt for the longest time (but usually lacking in the funds to buy one that wasn't cheap as chips off eBay), this one really ticked all the boxes. Not only is it stunning, with layers upon layers of beautiful petticoats and tulle, but the waistband has a gorgeous, intricate lace design. Believe it or not, this is the first time I've seen a tulle skirt with a waistband like this and it really adds so much to it. 

I didn't own a top that matched this skirt and I knew I had my heart set on a ballerina style wrap top. Luckily, my Armani Exchange dress has the exact top I was looking for, so I simply layered the skirt over the top of the dress. You'll notice that in some of the pictures I didn't pull the skirt up quite enough! Silly Jordan! 

Tulle Skirt - C/O Jones+Jones || Dress - Armani Exchange || Shoes - Miss Selfridge

I felt absolutely at home in this skirt and if I'm honest with you I would wear it on a daily basis if I wouldn't get strange looks. It's incredibly beautiful and it definitely passes the spin test (I know you were all thinking it!). 

Now, I would like to tell you about the nightmare we had getting these pictures. I had my heart set on the lavender fields for this outfit, simply because they are stunning and in full bloom at the moment! We headed down to some ones about half an hour away from my parents house in Kent, where I had been a long time ago. It really is a beautiful place with a lovely shop and I was so excited!

I read on their website that permission is needed to take photos in front of the lavender which I completely understood. Upon arrival we asked a lady in the shop if it would be okay to take outfit photos in the field as I'm a blogger and she said it was fine as long as we didn't go into the lavender (makes sense!). She also pointed out that there were harvests going on and we could watch from the viewing areas in the field. 

We thanked her and went into the field. As you can see in the pictures we weren't in the lavender, touching it or near the tractors. We were right by the observation area that the lady in the shop had mentioned. All of a sudden, about ten minutes into taking photos a woman, who I suppose is the owner of the farm, cycled up to us, nearly knocking over little Oscar, and yelled "What do you think your doing?" We explained to her that we had asked permission to take photos, to which she laughed in our face and said "No you didn't". She went into a rant about how we were trespassing, breaking health and safety laws (because of the harvests) and that we had to pay £60 for a photoshoot. We politely told her that we didn't want to take photos in her field anyway and left but I could hardly believe how rude she was! Not only did she accuse us of lying about asking permission but then she proceeded to patronise us for a good five minutes before taking off on her bicycle to (I assume) yell at the poor woman in the shop. 

Unfortunately this meant that we had to leave and therefore I couldn't get any other photos than these ones you see here. I was quite upset and I don't want to name names about the farm but I felt it all could have been handled better. Ultimately I feel like it's her loss because I was going to write a fantastic review of the farm & tell you all to go there, but now I'd say don't bother. 

And breathe! 

Despite the hair-raising experience of taking a few photos of an outfit, I feel like they came out pretty well! It doesn't distract from how much I'm in love with this skirt and every time I see it in my closet I just want to cry because I LOVE IT. I feel like I've been quite crazy in this post. 

Let me know if you have a dream piece of clothing or if I'm just insane in the comments <3

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