Why I don't drink, and that's okay.

These are three words that, as a university student and general member of the community of young adults, often place me in situation where I end up being asked a million questions. These have included, but are not limited to,

"Why not?"

"Well, have you tried <insert beverage here>?"

"Is it a religious thing, or?"

"Don't you get bored?"

"Do you hate people who drink?"

I'd like to clear up first and foremost that I have no problem with people who drink, whether they drink in moderation or want to go out and get absolutely plastered every night. My best friends drink, my boyfriend drinks, my parents drink. It's just that for me, drinking isn't something that I enjoy. I'd much rather stay in with a Disney movie than go out clubbing any day. This in itself causes it's own difficulties, because I suffer from serious FOMO. 

Don't get me wrong, I've tried to drink. I've found through this that the only thing I can handle consuming is Malibu and some form of tropical juice like mango or pineapple. I can't mix spirits with anything because I don't like fizzy drinks and I can't drink beer or cider for the same reason. Basically, a lot of things are off limits because they taste disgusting to me, and for anyone who's ever ordered Malibu in a bar will know it's usually pretty expensive and it's never included in student deals. 

So, as the wand chooses the wizard, I haven't been chosen by the student overlords to enjoy the effects of alcohol. There's a frequent negative attitude toward being sober in the student world, or just the world in general. If you don't have a drink in your hand, it often feels like you're isolated from the group. This is always strange to me, because you wouldn't confront somebody over why they don't smoke or like a certain food, so why should alcohol be any different? A lot of people like to make it their life mission to get me 'wasted' because it will be so funny to see me drunk, which in turn makes me self-conscious about being the most 'boring' student in existence. Really, this simply isn't true. 

I personally feel that I can have fun on a night out without alcohol. I don't find its effects particularly enhancing. Some people hope that I'd become a crazy, raving sex maniac if I got drunk, when in reality I become even more tired and just want to go home. 

Also, alcohol is expensive. I know people who've spent HUNDREDS on one night out that they can't even remember the next day and all I can think is "How many dresses could I buy with that?" 

I guess I'm writing this as a quick perspective from the person who doesn't 'do what all the students do'. Hopefully some of you can relate and if you ever feel 'boring', just remember that you're not! Everyone is different and frankly, why does it have to be a big deal if we don't drink? It's not harming anyone else! People might tell you that you're missing out on the best years of your life if you choose to stay in, but in my opinion, if you're enjoying how you use your time, then you're definitely not missing out! 

Enjoy your night however you want, whether it's all about dancing or Disney, it's up to you!