The Breakfast Club, Brighton

I've been pretty much waiting for the day The Breakfast Club would open in Brighton. Having heard so much about it from people who visit it in London I was desperate to go, but the lengthy journey and apparent queue to get in put me off a bit. But HUZZAH! The Breakfast Club people have answered my prayers and opened one right here in lovely Brighton, where, may I add, there is no queue *jumps for joy*. 

You could spot it's crazy sunshine yellow exterior from a mile off, but it's only when you get closer that you can see its adorable attention to detail. 

I don't know about you guys but I love a birdcage chair. 

The inside is just as decadent, and I think they have a thing for flamingos, with a distinctive The Flamingo Kid theme running throughout the restaurant. 

Everything on the menu was extremely tempting and it was difficult to decide what to order...although pancakes are always a good choice. 

Ollie went for a butty meal deal, including a tall glass of cool orange juice...

And a whopper of a bacon butty, complete with added fried egg in a brioche roll, although my boyfriend said the brioche roll didn't really go with its fillings, in his opinion. 

He also ordered a side of skin on chips with aioli. Praise the garlic gods for this incredible dip. The chips were pretty amazing and so moreish. 

But, onto the real star of the show...of course...was the mountain high pile of pancakes, soaked in maple syrup, sprinkled with berries and topped with a good helping of vanilla cream. 

Is that not a sight for sore eyes? 

I was telling my boyfriend that there are few things I like shooting more than pancakes. Pancake photographer would be my life's ambition (if I got to eat them afterwards, obviously). 

They were absolutely gorgeous, perfectly fluffy and sweet, although they could have done with a bit of extra maple syrup because American pancakes tend to soak it up pretty quickly. 

Overall I was extremely impressed with The Breakfast Club and will 100% be returning to try out their lunch menu. The atmosphere was great, the food was delicious and the staff were wonderful (although our waitress nearly did die of a coughing fit at our table after eating some kale chips, so be warned about the dangers of vegetable crisps). I'd definitely recommend checking this, or any of the other Breakfast Clubs out if you're ever passing one by!