JoJo's Gelato, Hove

Heads up, readers! I may have just founds my all time favourite place in Brighton...well, Hove, if you want to be specific. And yes, there are waffles and so much more. 

I heard about JoJo's Gelato from one of my besties, and as soon as I saw a picture of the sundae she posted on instagram I knew I had to go there. 

Located just on the Western Road in Hove, JoJo's is decked out like a modern diner, with giant fridges housing gelato and even cakes! It really is an oasis for those with a sweet-tooth.

Ollie wasn't that hungry, so he just ordered a banana milkshake...

Which was served up in the freaking GOBLET OF FIRE. 

It tasted pretty incredible as well! Not sure if it beats my top milkshake spot in Brighton but definitely a close second! 

I, on the other hand, was dead set on trying a waffle, although I was very tempted by the crepes and sundaes as well. I wasn't sure what I was expecting, but it certainly wasn't this...

<Insert Chorus of Angels and those light hand emojis>


Deep breaths, people, deep breaths. 

Now THAT is a banoffee waffle. Layers of melted nutella, sliced banana and toffee and chocolate sauces, garnished with a huge dollop of whipped cream and a massive swirl of ice cream. All this for just £4.99. 

I have a thing about those shop bought waffles and there is nothing worse than being served a waffle out of a packet (which is a lot more places than I would like!). So you can imagine my delight when the waitress told me they have a real waffle iron. And to be honest, I don't know what waffle iron they're using but I WANT IT IN MY LIFE. 

Unfortunately I was hardly able to eat half of it, let alone the ice cream, but it was one of the greatest waffles to ever touch my lips. A true masterpiece of the dessert world. 

I definitely want to return for a sundae, which are equally massive, served up in gargantuan sundae bowls big enough for a small dog to sit in! 

I caught a few snaps of the gelato as I was leaving and they have some of the most incredible flavours. It reminded me of my favourite ice cream place in Rome with all the unique combinations. 

I mean, they have cream egg! How can you refuse that?!

If you couldn't tell by the multiple uses of capital letters and just my general freak out, I LOVE LOVE LOVE JoJo's and you all need to go there if you're in the Brighton area. It is my new favourite joint for anything sweet and I will definitely be going back to try something new! I'm also considering holding a blogger meetup there in the coming months.