My Hair Growth Secret

If you've ever wanted to grow your hair long, then you probably feel my pain when I speak of the dreaded moment when it just...stops. It gets to a certain length (usually one which is not quite short enough but not quite long enough) and then it freezes, cursing you to an existence of hair dissatisfaction. This was me last year...and the year before, and the year before that. 

Basically, I couldn't figure out why my hair wouldn't grow any longer than below shoulder length. Until, one fateful day, somebody asked me how many times I washed my hair a week. I naively replied "Every day", which for the record, is a BIG NO NO. I washed my hair every day up until last year and finally I have seen the light! *chorus of angels*

Frankly, I can develop the greasiest roots known to mankind, and I thought to only thing that could fix this was daily washing. I always found the idea of dry shampoo a bit disgusting. I mean, why have dry shampoo when you can have real shampoo? Anyway, along came Batiste, who are my worst kept secret when it comes to hair growth. 

I've tried literally every dry shampoo on the market, but I always come back to Batiste, simply because of its fabulous quality, effects and price! It has a reputation of leaving a lot of white in your hair, which I have to say it does, but, to quote Florence and the Machine, you can always "shake it out, shake it out!". It never fails in removing all grease from my hair & leaving it smelling fresh. 

You can see from the pictures above how much my hair has grown since I cut down to washing twice a week and started using Batiste every day. The first photo was taken in October 2014, while the second was taken only 6 months later. It's pretty crazy! 

Batiste kindly sent me one of their new scents to try out, which ironically was one that I had bought in the shop a few days before! The new 'Floral Essences' Scent* has to be one of my favourites, though, so I definitely cannot complain about having another can! It's a really lovely scent for Summer, a bit like a big bouquet of tropical flowers. 

I literally don't use any special hair products or growth formulas, just holding back on the washing and upping the dry shampoo has made such a difference. I'm aiming to ultimately have my hair to above hip length like a proper Disney Princess, and I have Batiste to thank for getting me on my way!