Cafe Coho, Brighton

You know those blogger cliches? Like macarons, washi tape, rose gold, etc etc...well, I found the Brighton cafe equivalent of a blogger cliche. I say 'found', but really it's the one cafe I see come up time and time again on different bloggers/vloggers' channels; Cafe Coho. And, never one to miss out on the hype, I decided to take a trip there with my mama for some lunch. 

The cafe is in one of the nicest locations, with lots of outside seating and a window which overlooks the entrance to the Laines; perfect for a spot of people watching. It's feels very hipster-esque, with its slate grey walls, exposed brick and numerous blackboards listing off every coffee you could imagine. 

The menu is a nice size, with lots of brunch bits which is perfect for me. I've been trying to eat a bit more healthy lately, so luckily there were lots of light options. 

My mum went for the pancetta, fig and sun blushed tomato salad, which came up piled high on a plate along with bread and butter. She confessed to me that it was one of the best salads she'd had in a long while, with the perfect ratio of greens to filling. 

While I went for some poached eggs on toasted sourdough, accompanied with spinach and sun blushed tomatoes. It was one of those combinations I'd never think to make at home (despite it being super simple!) and I'm so happy I picked it. It felt so nice to have a healthy option that also tasted fantastic and filled me up for the rest of the day. 

The coffees came up teeny tiny but tasted amazing, which kind of balanced it out. 

I have to admit this time that the blogger hype is real and if you're looking for something fresh, light and other than chips down by the sea this summer Cafe Coho is definitely worth a visit.