MAC Cinderella - Royal Ball

Can we all take a deep breath and just...(in the voice of a angel choir) *ahhhhhhhhhh!* 

I did it people. I snagged a Mac Cinderella lipstick. And I didn't fight with a Debenhams employee to get it. No, sir. I went on the Mac website and they restocked. Praise be to the lipstick gods! 

The gorgeous Mac Cinderella collection was something I'd had my eye one for a couple of months, mostly because its Disney related. I've never bought anything from Mac before, so I thought it only appropriate to begin my own Mac adventure with a Disney related lipstick. 

I went for the shade 'Royal Ball', which is described as a 'fleshy pink' tone in a lustre finish. Words which I honestly did not understand until I googled them. If you didn't know, a lustre finish gives a sheer coverage with a sheen. The more you know. 

There's been a bit of debate over the packaging of this collection but personally I love it. I love the unique blue and gold theme that perfectly encapsulates Cinderella. 

Now I'm not going to lie to you, the product itself when applied was a bit of a shock. I thought the colour would be a lot darker than it was, and as you can see from the pictures it really looks like it would be more of a medium pink. But when applied it becomes much more of a pale pink, a colour I have never worn. The lipstick itself is fantastic; it applies smoothly and is extremely moisturising. It's sheer but you can build up colour by layering. 

So I sat for a while and considered why I had bought a £17 lipstick in a colour that I didn't really like, texted my mum and had a moan, and she proceeded to tell me to put more makeup on (because I wasn't wearing any at the time). So I did...and my entire outlook changed. 

I love it. The light nude reminds me of Brigitte Bardot, one of my style icons and inspirations. Paired with winged eyeliner and rosy cheeks I was able to suddenly pull off this colour which I had doubted. 

So although this lipstick intimidated me at first, by embracing it in a new light I was able to love it. You could say it taught me a very appropriate, Disney-esque lesson.