10 Things I'd Tell My Younger Self

1 | No matter how much you think you do, you don't need anybody to make you feel valued. You only need you to remember how much you are worth.

2 | Using foundation to cover up your dark under-eye circles is not the right thing to do. Concealer is a thing.

3 | If you can't beat the bullies (which you won't), just wind them up. It's even more fun.

4 | Don't trust anyone.

5 | Don't feel bad about staying in and watching a movie rather than going out getting drunk. You'll be proud of yourself one day.

6 | Don't let careless boys dictate your life.

7 | Use your words. 

8 | One day unicorns are going to be the biggest fashion statement in Western culture, so don't you dare feel embarrassed for loving them. 

9 | Sometimes you can't be perfect, but it doesn't mean you aren't perfect just the way you are.

10 | You are braver and smarter than you realise. Stay strong and keep dreaming. 

Inspired by Thumbelina Lillie's post here