The Secret to Perfect Brows - Chelsea Beautique

If you've read my blog for a while, you'll know that I rarely post beauty reviews, simply because I'm not your typical beauty blogger. I have one of everything I need (with the exception of lipsticks) and when it runs out I buy another one. Simple as. So, you can imagine it would take something very special to sway me to review it on my blog. 

I had a test of Chelsea Beautique brows when I was shopping at Bluewater a few months back and I immediately fell in love with it and it was straight on my Christmas list. I had never heard of the company or the product before but it really is a unique way of making your eyebrows look pretty spectacular. 

This is a sneaky little expansion of my What I Got for Christmas posts, as I mentioned that I would be reviewing some of the things I got separately. 

Chelsea Beautique Eyebrow Kit

Chelsea Brows are unique in that you use a stencil to create the shape of your eyebrows. Which sounds pretty trippy, but all will be explained....

Each kit contains a double ended eyebrow brush (with a thicker brush and a hard angled brush), a pair of tweezers, a set of 6 stencils and a powder in the colour of your choice. For reference, I use the shade 'Cappuccino' which was recommended by the girl in store, but there are seven shades to choose from.

Chelsea Beautique Eyebrow Kit

There are three different, shall I call them 'themes'?, to choose from which are Naturale, Vivid and Elegant. Three have a rounded inner eyebrow edge while the other 3 have a straight edge like the one shown below. 

Chelsea Beautique Eyebrow Kit

Here's a little before photo...try not to scream.

Chelsea Beautique Eyebrow Kit

And here's the after! *Sigh of relief*. Yes I'm wearing pyjamas, don't judge me.

For this application I used the Naturale stencil with the rounded edge. 

Chelsea Beautique Eyebrow Kit

Now, I'm not going to lie and say that this is a really easy, foolproof kit. It does take a bit of getting used to. For example, your eyebrow shape isn't guaranteed to fit the stencil exactly, so it takes a bit of playing around and shuffling the stencil in order to match it to the curve of your brow. It's also a little difficult to hold the stencil in place while you apply the powder with the hard angled brush, but after a while it does become simple.

Chelsea Beautique Eyebrow Kit

I think it's definitely worth the little bit of extra time it takes, if any, as my brows have never looked better. I've received quite a few compliments since I started using it as well, with comments on how thick and defined they look. 

The Chelsea Brows kit retails at £35.00, which isn't cheap but I definitely think it's worth it simply for the incredible results it gives.