My Little Box by Fleur De Force

I came home from work on Saturday night to what can only be described as an early Christmas present to myself from My Little Box. When I saw the gorgeous pastel box, I was so excited to open it...until I remembered that it was pitch black outside. This meant I had to wait until morning to open it up so I could take proper unboxing photos. Blogging is a sacrifice, kids. 

When there was finally a spare amount of light in the house (but as you can probably tell from the pictures, still not that much), I was able to gently pull off the lid and take a peek inside. This month's box was designed by Fleur de Force, who I have met before and seemed lovely. I can't say I really watch her videos or read her blog, simply because I personally don't engage with them. Either way, I really loved the design on the front of the box and I really want cartoon Fleur's outfit. 

The first thing to greet me was of course a gorgeous quote card. This month's read "Christmas isn't a season, it's a feeling" - Edna Ferber, which is one of the loveliest quotes I've ever heard about Christmas! I'd love to put this up somewhere for the festive season but I'm not sure where just yet.

Beneath that was a copy of My Little World, with Fleur adorning the front cover in a fluffy jumper and an array of sparkles.

According to the magazine, this month's box teaches you to become "the Van Gogh of gift wrapping". A big statement, considering I can't wrap anything to save my life. In conjunction with this, there were three wrapping accessories; a set of adorable gift labels, some patterned masking tape and a thread spool.

Here's a peek at the different tapes. They can be peeled off multiple ways so you can create all kinds of patterns on pressies. I'm quite annoyed that my box didn't come earlier as I've already wrapped all of my presents for this year, but they will definitely come in handy next year or for birthdays.

Onto the beauty, which I am always looking forward to. My Little Box once again did not disappoint and delivered three products that I am super excited to use: a Cowshed Wild Cow Invigorating Body Lotion, a L'Occitane Crème Prècieuse Immortelle and my personal favourite, a My Little Beauty lipstick.

I'm really chuffed with the two lotions as I always use them and they are both really good quality. L'Occitane is one of my favourite brands and I've never used Cowshed before so that'll be exciting. 

My favourite of course is the lipstick. It's the most gorgeous red-pink colour and absolutely perfect for me. As soon as I saw it I couldn't wait to try it on. The packaging is very interesting; it's made from cardboard which I thought would look cheap but I think it looks gorgeous. I think this will definitely become one of my stable lipsticks.

Last but not least, at the bottom was a little parcel which read "Present for you" on it. I hastily opened it up to find my second favourite product of the box.

I was so excited to see this gorgeous headband. I've seen a lot of people wearing similar ones this Winter and I've wanted one for quite a while. It's super soft and slightly glittery, meaning it's perfect for wearing outside and keeping my ears warm. Can you tell I love it? I really love it.

Somehow, My Little Box have managed to outdo themselves once again by delivering a really top-notch Christmas themed box. I'll mention this again and again but the level of thought and care that goes into every theme really makes me go back. I think this month's box has shot up the list to one of my favourites (again!) and I'm really excited to see what January's has in store!