Merry Christmas from Hello Miss Jordan

A couple of months ago, shortly after my first photoshoot with my friend Martin, my best friend Olivia (who you might remember from my visit to Leeds Castle) texted me with the idea for a Christmas themed shoot where she could do my hair and makeup, as well as make a few props. Obviously I jumped at the chance and was super excited to get my festive face on, even though these were taken in November. But you know, it's me.

She turned up at my house with a case of makeup and a bag of props, including these gorgeous 'Hello Miss Jordan' baubles which she made! They left me feeling like a proper brand. Good thing or bad thing? 

The photos above which are extremely me were actually the second lot of photos that Martin took. Olivia is a huge fan of Katy Perry, which may explain the inspiration for the following look. Her vision was of a Candy Cane fairy princess, which I think she pretty much pulled off. Here are some of my favourite shots! 

Jumper - Miss Selfridge || Red Jeans - New Look (Similar Here)

Big up my friend time: Olivia is also incredible at technical effects. She's not only worked at Madame Tussauds but has also worked on the upcoming movie 'Pan', which I'm very excited to see. 

After wiping away my eccentric fairy persona, she created a look that was a bit more normal me, with a 1940's twist. Who doesn't love a good victory roll, am I right? 

Needless to say, Martin was an absolute star of a photographer. He sat there extremely patiently while we applied makeup, removed makeup, applied makeup, etc. And as a man, I respect this patience greatly. Despite the hideous boredom he must have endured, his photos still turned out stunning, as per usual. 

Dress - Jack Wills

You may also recognise what I like to call my 'signature dress', which is just another term for "overworn". I absolutely love the shape and the petticoats, making it feel like a real princess dress. 

I am absolutely thrilled with how the photos came out and I am so privileged to have two amazingly talented friends! I definitely recommend checking out both of their websites (linked below) and seeing some of their other amazing work.  

All photographs taken by Martin Brown Photography. Hair, makeup & design by Olivia Steen.