Love Me Beauty - August

Honestly, after last month's outstanding Love Me Beauty box, I was expecting to be a little disappointed with this month. They can't spoil us every month, of course! 

I spent a really long time choosing between two of the menus, but eventually settled for Edition 2, a decision which I later regretted but will go into in a bit more detail later.

Marsk Mineral Eye Shadow in 'Foiled Again' - £14.49

I'm actually really confused as to whether this is a sample size or a full size, as it doesn't mention it being a sample anywhere on the website or the information card. It also came in it's own little packaging. This is a pretty silver colour and looks almost like glitter. It's not the kind of colour I would normally wear but I think it would look really pretty on a night out. That being said, if this is the full size I wouldn't pay near on £15 for it. 

Oriflame The One Eye Liner Stylo in 'Black' - Full Size - £8.45

I've been searching the market for a while looking for a new eyeliner and this one falls into the realms of felt tip liners which I have often avoided. However, I actually really loved this product and have been using it as my eyeliner regularly. It creates a pretty smooth line and doesn't smudge or crack throughout the day. I find it a bit difficult to apply, though, because of my creased eyelids, but otherwise it's a really good product.

A La Carte Smudge Proof Eyebrow Definer in 'Blonde' - Full Size - £23

Another pretty expensive product is this brow ink. It can also be used for body art and eyeliner but I have been using it on my brows. It applies like a felt tip and takes a bit of time to get used to. The colour matches my brows perfectly as well. It's quite difficult to apply sometimes as you need a really steady hand to get the smooth strokes on your eyebrows. Also, it doesn't work if you've applied a primer beforehand, which I discovered when it wouldn't come out and the entire tip had soaked up the primer from my face. 

Mirabella Lip Definer in 'Tart' - Full Size - £10.50

This was probably my only disappointment with the box. On the website the product advertised was the Mirabella Lip Lustre Liner in 'Charming'. I always research the products in the boxes before choosing, and as I loved the shade and the idea of the moisturising lip liner, I chose this box over another I could have picked. However, what turned up was a Lip Definer which is a completely different product - a liner minus all the interesting qualities of the Lip Lustre Liner. The card said I should have received the original product too, so I emailed Love Me Beauty and they said that they had misprinted on their website. I'm only disappointed because I picked this box mainly for that product and then it didn't turn up. It is a nice red shade however it is quite hard and rough to apply. I will wear it with my red lipsticks.

Weleda Sea Buckthorn Body Oil - Surprise Product

Love Me Beauty really love putting extra Weleda products in their boxes lately! I received the body lotion from this same range last month. Although it's a really handy product this has found a new home with my mama, as I already have a body oil that I really love. 

Overall it was a pretty good box. I know I will use most of the products in it, but I was a bit let down by the product being wrong on the website. Also, I'm always honest, so I should tell you that I have actually now cancelled my beauty box subscription, not because of this box, but because I would rather save the money each month to buy a product I really love! 

Let me know in the comments what you think of this month's box!

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