Il Miglior Gelato a Roma

Or, 'The Best Ice Cream in Rome'. C'mon, I had to have at least one Italian title. 

So I you may have thought to yourself, "Well, if Jordan loves food so much, why hasn't she mentioned ice cream?" Well, observant reader, I believe ice cream to be so important that it deserves it's own post. 

And I really think this baby deserves it's own post.

I kid you not, there are hundreds of places to buy ice cream in Rome. Every street you turn onto you will see somewhere that has a little glass cabinet filled with a variety of flavours. And believe me, I've tried a lot of them. But there's one that stole my heart. 

Introduced to me by my friend Olivia, Della Palma is situated just a few minutes from the Pantheon. And, if you have worked out the Italian above, they have over 150 flavours of ice cream. If you think that's too many then you are wrong. Variety is the spice of life, people. 

Not only do they sell incredible ice cream, but they also sell frozen yoghurt and mousses. Don't try to mix these with ice cream though, they won't let you.

Now, feast your eyes on the glory of this ice cream. 

They also don't use scoops, you simply purchase a cup size and you can pick as much as you can physically fit in it. Then, they grab a load with their big ol' palette knives.

Here in the lovely man getting my meringue ice cream (my favourite!).

I first went to this place the last time I came to Rome on a school trip, so I made a point of finding it again to show my family. 

If you were wondering, my favourite combo is meringue, strawberry and coconut.  I also love the profiterole flavour (complete with mini profiteroles) but it doesn't really go with these! 

I cannot fault this ice cream at all. It is, in fact, the best ice cream I have ever tasted. The fact that I've called this post 'The Best Ice Cream in Rome', doesn't necessarily mean it is, but it's the best in Rome that I've found so far. 

And to finish, here's an insightful and frankly rather moving quote;

"When I'm no longer rapping, I want to open up an ice cream parlour and call myself Scoop Dog."

- Snoop Dog

All I know is, I'd visit that shop. 

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