Arrivederchi, Roma

On our final day, we said a heartfelt goodbye to beautiful Rome. The trip had been short, but so magical and were two of the happiest days of the year. 

To celebrate our wonderful holiday, I posed in front of more large structures, with, look! More pine cones!

We had a final morning before we needed to go to the airport, so explored the nearby park. I think this park is like the Central Park of Rome. 

They remind me of each other, somehow.

My little bro and my big boyfriend behaving themselves and getting along nicely for once!

We found  this beautiful water feature in a back alley somewhere. 

And this is the last photo I will ever post of a Roman view, I promise!

But, I can't guarantee I'll ever stop taking pictures of pretty flowers. 

Matches my skirt, right?

I can't even explain how much I have enjoyed writing about Rome. I just hope you all enjoyed reading them just as much! 

It is unlikely that I will return to Rome soon. This trip was my second visit (albeit the first time was a bit of a disaster), and the perfect holiday, but there are so many places to see! 

So, where to next?

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