Love Me Beauty - July

Love Me Beauty, you have won me back. 

After last month's pretty rubbish postal disaster, I am so happy that this month's box a) was actually delivered to me, b) contains a load of products I LOVE and c) is worth over £60! Pure madness!

For those of you who don't know, Love Me Beauty is a monthly beauty and lifestyle subscription box, for which you pay £10.95 + P&P. I love that LMB allows you to pick your box every month, so you'll know what you're receiving and can be sure that you're going to like at least a few of the items!

So, as I've said, this month's box was pretty amazing. 

OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in 'Hollywood' ~ Full Size ~ RRP £11.60

Gosh, that's a lot of L's. I think this has to be my favourite product of the lot. I've never heard of OFRA but I'm seriously tempted to go crazy with this product in a couple more shades. Firstly, it's the weirdest thing I've ever worn. It's like melted lipstick. It's super thick and creamy and I kid you not was still as bright and beautiful eight hours after application. It also doesn't dry your lips, it feels more like a balm than anything. I absolutely LOVE IT!

 OFRA Pressed Eye Shadow in 'Bliss' ~ Full Size ~ RRP £8.80

Another gorgeous product from OFRA, this eyeshadow is so beautiful. The shade is right up my street and is apparently from their 'Diamonds Are Forever' range, which means it looks like diamonds on your eyes. I applied three coats before work (because I like a lot of coverage), and again it was still going strong at the end of my shift. It's also lovely and pigmented, which is always a bonus. 

 So Susan Flutter Mascara ~ Full Size ~ RRP £14.95

I have briefly heard of So Susan before and I have heard good things about their products. I was excited to see a mascara in this month's box as all of mine have nearly dried up now. I haven't yet tested this as I am saving it for when I need it most, but hopefully it lives up to it's quite high price tag.

 So Susan Dual Brow Powder ~ Full Size ~ RRP £11.95

This kind of reminds me of my Benefit Browzings kit without the wax. I used the darker colour on my eyebrows today before work and the staying power is pretty high. I don't think I would use the lighter colour at all, however. The thing about So Susan is that the products seem really nice, but I hate the packaging. I feel like whoever designed it thought 'simple is fine' and then just slapped any old font on any old colour. BUT, do not judge a book by its cover, as they say.

 The Teashed 4am Tea - 20 whole leaf teabags - RRP £3.50

As you may or may not know, I'm literally the only person in England who doesn't drink tea. I'm not even joking. There are babies that drink tea and here I am with my hot chocolate. These look like lovely teabags and it's so nice to receive a huge pack of them, but they will be finding a home at my mama's house :)

Weleda Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion ~ Full Size ~ RRP 15.95

This was a total surprise as it wasn't on the Menu I chose and doesn't even appear on the information card. It's a really expensive lotion as well and it was so nice to receive this! A lot of people have recommended Weleda as a brand as well so I am really looking forward to trying this out when my current body lotion is finished. 

LASHEM Lash Enhancing Serum ~ 2ml Sample Size ~ RRP £40 (3.5ml)

This is probably the product I was least excited about, simply because I had never heard of a 'lash enhancing serum' before. It's supposed to nourish and condition your lashes to make them look longer over the course of seven weeks. I would be unlikely to pay out £40 for a full size, especially when it's only 1.5ml bigger than my sample one, but it's a good concept and I'd like to see how it affects my eyelashes!

Overall, this box has been absolutely brilliant. Love Me Beauty have definitely kept me on for their subscription and have completely made up for last month. Hopefully they'll be able to keep up the good work as I will be expecting a box this great every month now! 

I'm also seriously going to go wild on the OFRA website because I now LOVE THEM.

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