Around the World in Seven Hours

No matter how hard I try, I always find myself back in England. Yes that is a red telephone box.

We went to Epcot, where we were greeted by yet another topiary Mickey Mouse surrounded by walking broomsticks. But this time there was good reason; it was the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival!

As you may or may not know, Epcot (aka Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, yeah I'm a Dis-nerd) is not only home to the futuristic giant golfball, but also to the incredibly amazing World Showcase. You can find yourself immersed in the culture of eleven different countries without even having to leave the States.

We journeyed first to Canada.

Before finding ourselves right back where we started; good ol' Blighty. 

I couldn't resist a cheeky pose on the telephone.

And neither did my boyfriend, although he looks a bit more grumpy about what he's hearing than I am.

We crossed a bridge where we had an excellent view of the Eiffel Tower and the beautiful city of Paris. You can't fault this (fake) skyline!

Ollie was king of the world!

We had breakfast in the early hours of the morning after riding Test Track (one of the best rides in the park. Although don't do what we did and mess around when designing your car. Our competitive streaks were quite distraught when we lost against others later). I had chosen a little patisserie that apparently nobody else knew about called Les Halles. It was empty in the streets of Paris, apart from one other couple.

They had a huge, delicious array of desserts and pastries, as well as savoury snacks.

Ollie went for a gooey cheese and ham croissant, which I may have had a cheeky nibble of. Well, I had to check it was ok!

While I munched down a strawberry tart. I have to say it was delicious.

As we left France, we spotted a rather suspicious looking sign down by the river...

We then played a game of spot the Jordan in the gardens of England. Can you find me?

There I am!

I tried knocking on a few doors to see if anyone was home. But they all seemed to be out enjoying the sun. I got caught though!

Just look innocent and everything will be okay...

Ollie found Peter Pan! He invited us to Neverland, but I told him we still had a lot to do!

One of the things I had my heart set on doing was the Pick A Pearl stall in Japan. Here, you can pick an oyster from the tank and depending on the one you pick will depend what pearl you get!

A lovely Japanese lady shucked my oyster for me, while giving a very enjoyable speech that involved a lot of drum banging and counting to three in Japanese. She was even more excited than me!

Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of the pearl coming out of the oyster, because I was too excited! But I did take a photo of it once I had had it set in a charm and placed on a chain. This was my beautiful necklace:

We toured a few more countries...

Before ending up in some kind of orbit...

For dinner I had picked out a restaurant back in Japan called Teppan Edo which was recommended by my parents. As soon as we arrived I knew we had picked the right place. 

You sit around a huge table with complete strangers, which also happens to have a cooking surface on it. This may sound like hell to some people but we were so excited. 

Does he look excited? I think he looks excited...

As we were on Disney Dining Plan, we could choose anything (yes anything) from the Entree Selection. You chose your meats which were then to be cooked fresh in front of you and served with vegetables, udon noodles and beef rice. Yum!

Soon, our own personal chef arrived and began to smother the surface with oil.

Before cutting up a colourful array of different vegetables. 

But Mr Onion was in for a real treat when the chef began constructing his own onion volcano!

Look at it go! It's like Mount Vesuvius all over again...but with onions.

He drizzled the noodles with Soy Sauce, before handing us great big portions onto our plates.

Truly delicious! If you happen to find yourself in Epcot one day, you should definitely try out Teppan Edo. It's wonderfully entertaining and the food is outstanding. While I'm at it, I also recommend the Disney Dining Plan if you're ever going to Walt Disney World. You get back your money five times over and you can get some really delicious meals from it.

As we headed for the exit, I managed to snap the beautiful sunset, setting beneath the glass pyramid.

Of course, we couldn't resist a few extra cheeky snaps before we left. I think I'd make a pretty decent Indiana Jones.

While Hercules did an impressive job of lifting the big golf ball (that's not the technical term for it, but come on, it looks like a big golf ball!).

Against the moon...

Yep...definitely a golf ball.

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  1. I LOVE EPCOT!!! Best restaurant ever! Japan was my fave because of all the hello kitty! :D which is ur fave ride? Mine was mission space! xxx

    1. Me too! :D Mine is Soarin'. Mission Space scared the hell out of me it was so enclosed haha xx

  2. You've had an amazing holiday, guys! I enjoyed your photos so much :))
    And the pearl necklace is so beautiful!


    1. Thank you I'm so glad you're enjoying the posts :) And thank you I love it!