For the First Time in Forever...

...I went on Brighton Pier!

For the amount of time I have lived in Brighton, I have actually never had the chance to walk on the Pier. Yes, let the madness sink in for a moment...

Today, my boyfriend's sister came down to visit, so we decided, what with the weather being positively boiling and all, that it would be a great opportunity to experience this first!

I was determined to get into the seaside spirit, starting with a bag of chips from the chip shop, smothered in salt and vinegar, of course.

The Pier was buzzing with families, all celebrating the Easter break with a trip to the beach in the sun. The sky was blue, so why not? 

Plus, walking along it made for some terrific photos.

How can you fault that view?

I also treated myself to a true summer classic; a 99 cone with a flake. 

The big lick...


Why are you taking photos of me? 

The day was wonderful; sun, sea, food and shopping. My sunglasses also only cost £1 from Primark, so nothing could fault it really!

Let me know in the comments what you've been up to in this crazy summer weather, or tweet me your pictures @hellomissjordan so I can ooh and aah at them all!

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  1. OMG the sky looks so blue, it must have been so lovely and warm. I haven't been to Brighton in such a long time and it's now rather a long way from me up here in Newcastle :(

    I love piers, I can spend ages at the end of them watching the sea. Just beautiful!

    Chloe x

    1. It was so lovely! I haven't been on a pier in so long and I hardly get time off in the sun because of my job on the weekends. You should definitely come down at some point in the summer :D xx

  2. I used to live in Brighton, and seriously miss it! I used to enjoy playing tourist and wandering the pier from time to time, it's all a bit naff but it's got to be done! xx

  3. The only thing I know about Brighton is all tied up in reading Jane Austen haha. It is nice to get some lovely images of what its like now :) It looks like the weather was perfect. I can't wait for some of that to head my way here in the states.

    1. At least you can imagine it in a different time period :D It was so lovely! Hoping you get some too over there!