Fashion Haul

So, last week I had a couple of days where I couldn't stop shopping. I don't know if it was relieving me from the stress of upcoming coursework deadlines, or if owning all these beautiful clothes simply made me feel a bit happier, but I just. Couldn't. Stop.

So now I'm here to share with you all my buys...some of which I'm extremely happy with! Apologies for the photography; I don't own a tripod so I used a stacked up a pile of Harry Potter books on my dresser.

Cut-off Denim Shorts from PINK - £32.50

Since the recent opening of my all time favourite shop in the world, Victoria's Secret at Bluewater Shopping Centre, I've been hurling my money at them non-stop. I didn't see anything I really wanted in there on my last visit, however, so I stopped into their sister shop PINK to have a look. Because I obviously need a pair of short in every colour, I bought these gorgeous white shorts. These are a little bit longer than I normally go for and also looser around the thigh, which is a lot more flattering. I'm afraid if you live in England you will have to visit one of the UK stores to pick these up, but good news for all you American readers, you can order them by clicking the title link!

Blue Short Dungarees from New Look - £24.99

Everyone's been ranting and raving about dungarees lately. When I was little, my mama and I actually had matching dungarees and pink striped t-shirts, so these definitely bring back some fond memories. Not only do I think they're adorable, but they're so comfy. Plus they make me want to wear t-shirts a bit more.

Black Bra Strappy Dress from Miss Selfridge - £25.00

For me, this was one of my biggest high street steals. It's 3/4 length, coming just below the knee which you can't really see in the picture, and I never would have picked it out if it wasn't for my mama, as I'm quite short so thought it would make me look ridiculous. I've always loved tighter fitting dresses and the length is actually extremely flattering. And for only £25.00, you can't go wrong really!

Redial Leather Jacket from TK Max - £25.00

I've actually only ever been into TK Max once and on that occasion I turned around and walked straight back out because I was so turned off by the shelves upon shelves of mixed up clothing. However, this time I seemed to find everything I wanted. This gorgeous jacket was only £25 and is perfect for everyday wear. I only owned a big coat, so in these chilly Spring months it was too much. 

Stone Leather Cross Strap Wedges from New Look - £34.99

I love wedges for the summer, especially ones which go with everything I own. I picked these up for my holiday, as I wanted an updated pair of shoes as opposed to my current white ones. They're very comfy and versatile, but be warned, they come up quite big. I'm usually a size 6 and I bought a size 5 in these. 

Steve Madden Visor Sunglasses from TK Max - £12.99

Another TK Max purchase, these beautiful visor-style sunglasses were cheaper than a pair that I was going to buy in River Island, but these are Steve Madden! These usually range around the £40 mark, so I was thrilled to pick these up. I have a real love-hate relationship with sunglasses. I think most of them make me look ridiculous and I'd rather have a hat any day. But these were an exception and I'm so glad I bought them. You can see more of Steve Madden's sunglasses here.

Michael Kors Jet Set Tote from TK Max - £149.99

You could probably view this last purchase as my best or worst buy, depending on how you feel about spending money on bags. As I mentioned above, I think I've only been into TK Max once but I saw all the bags in the window, so decided to pop in. As I was browsing, my mum let out a little scream and hurled herself towards a nearby bag rack. When she had returned, she was clutching a Michael Kors bag. His bags can range from anywhere between £300 and £900, depending on the style and this was going for just £150! My mama has her own Michael Kors bag, and was going to buy this one as it was the one she originally wanted, but let me have it (She's so lovely). Sadly, I've had a look around the website and it appears that this one has been discontinued, but there are similar ones here.

Let me know if you've had a little or large fashion haul lately, so you can make me feel a bit better!

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  1. Wow the Michael Kors was an amazing find! Good work!

    Chloe x

    1. It was brilliant but my mum did get a big aggressively protective of it haha :D

  2. Love the leather jacket, definitely a good investment :P and the bag is such a steal!