Little Beauty Haul

I tend not to indulge myself in what I would describe as a 'haul'. I don't like having a lot of things hanging around the house than I never/barely ever use, so I opt for just buying things that I need. However, when Boots have a 3 for 2 offer on, I have to take advantage, even if I don't buy as much as other people would.

So I popped into Brighton yesterday and picked up a few things that I felt were missing from my beauty collection. After spending a tortuously long time opting between buying things I want or things I need (causing my boyfriend much agony over my indecisiveness), I chose these lucky little products.

This was the only product I actually went into Boots knowing that I was going to buy. It's the VO5 Smoothly Does It Tame and Shine Spray. I have a big problem of my hair going frizzy when I use curling tongs on it, which really annoys me when I've spent a good hour creating beautiful curls, only to walk out with a big bushy mane. I saw this on Zoella's vlog, where she recommended it for this exact same problem. Hopefully, this will sort it out once and for all!

Next, I chose the Revlon Powder Blush in 'Racy Rose'. My last blush is falling apart so I knew this would be needed soon enough. This time, I wanted a more peachy, rose coloured blush as opposed to my last, vibrant pink colour. This is perfect for me. It applies really evenly and the colour is gorgeous. 

And now for lips! I have a bit of an addiction to lip products. They are definitely my guilty pleasure and I like to have a colour for every occasion. For some reason, I have never bought a nude lipstick but I have heard brilliant things about these; The L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Collection Privee. I really like the shades on offer and I eventually chose Eva Longoria's shade 'Barely Golden'. When on, it appears as a pinky nude with a hint of gold, to give a sunkissed look. I think this will look beautiful with a tan and is perfect for the summer. 

Another summer shade, this time in the form of a Revlon Lip Butter. When these were first released I had one in 'Peach Parfait' which was a tad too light for me. However this one gives more of a matte finish on the lips and a bit more colour. This particular colour is 'Tutti Frutti' and presents itself as a lovely coral (you can never go wrong with a bit of coral!). I can't wait to wear this more often as the sun rolls in!

So I didn't go too crazy, but I'd rather buy a few products that I know I will frequently use rather than a ton of products that will end up half used. Let me know in the comments what products you've recently bought for the new season!

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  1. Ooh that blush looks so stunning! <3

    Jennie xo |

    1. It is such a lovely shade! Thank you for the comment I absolutely adore your blog!

      Love Jordan xxx