Our Perfect Day

We celebrated Valentine's Day in the most unusual of ways, I would say. For a girl who has always dreamed of having a boyfriend on Valentine's Day (which finally came true last year), I think that I've relaxed my expectations a little after going out with a chef, who, due to his work, rarely can be off for the important dates, such as public holidays, birthdays and Valentine's Day.

We celebrated instead on the 11th February, which was his last day off and also the day before our 1 and a half year anniversary. We would normally celebrate it on the 12th but he sadly had to work that day as well. 

It was, however, quite a perfect day. 

You know sometimes you have those days and they're just so perfect, with no worries or commitments to think about and you just don't want to go to bed because you know you'll have to wake up to reality the next day? This was one of those perfect days.

I awoke in the morning to my boyfriend whispering in my ear, "Look! Look what Mickey's bought you!" 

My boyfriend has a big, pyjama-wearing, MickeyMouse which sits on our chest of drawers and today he was holding the biggest, most beautiful bouquet of flowers!

After smiling profusely through half-weary eyes and then falling back to sleep with extra cuddles for half an hour, we finally got to exchange presents. 

I didn't really know what to expect as a present after my boyfriend told me he had bought it in Clinton's, but he presented me with the most adorable, romantic MinnieMouse ornament for my desk, complete with big pink bow and a bunch of red roses. 

My boyfriend confusedly unwrapped his present. He wasn't sure what it was until I actually flipped it over for him while he was trying to look inside the cushion for something else and told him that the coordinates on the pillow were of the place we met. This beautiful cushion from Not On The High Street looks perfect in our red living room and it now sits happily on our Sherlock chair from Next. 

Also he loved it.

We then exchanged cards. My boyfriend wrote the most beautiful messages in mine...which I'm not going to reveal to the internet, but let's just say they were truly lovely.

And in hindsight of our trip to Walt Disney World Florida in May, I bought a card with a picture of ourselves in dog form on the front ;)

Instead of going out for a fancy meal which would have cost us God knows how much money, we went for a Gourmet Meal for Two from Marks and Spencer. This meal deal is completely worth the money if there are any couples reading this and want some tips for next year! You get a starter, main course, side, dessert, chocolates and a bottle of wine or fizz. 

We went for the Thai fishcakes to start.

Followed by the Rump Steak with peppercorn sauce and chunky Gastropub chips (which were both to die for. I'm a bit of a chipoholic).

For dessert we had a special little dessert simply called 'Twin Hearts'.

The sparkly red one was dark chocolate with chocolate sponge and mousse, and the white one (which was my favourite) was white chocolate with vanilla sponge and passion fruit coulis.

The meal deal worked out a lot better than your regular couple's Valentine's Day because a) It was half the price and b) we got to sit in the comfort of our home watching a Disney movie marathon. 

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! Let me know what you did (or didn't do) for your Valentine's Day this year in the comments below. 

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