Being Positoove

In the Broadway musical adaptation of one of my favourite Disney movies The Little Mermaid, the character of Scuttle sings a song all about a little trait we should all possess called 'Positoovity'. Obviously we aren't all as lucky as Scuttle to be able to whip out a positoove-wait...what? That's not a real word, you say? Pish posh. It's in a Disney musical of course it's a real can see the evidence here.

All right, all right I know it's not a real word. Poor Scuttle's getting his human words confused again. But the song makes an excellent point. As long as your positive, nothing can stop you. 

Unfortunately, that's easier said than done. I often spend hours crying over the silliest of worries, only to find that in the end everything turns out okay. But sometimes it's difficult. 

I'm going to be honest and say that this post is a bit of self-therapy and I will no doubt do a similar one in the future. With university work, the stress of being a waitress and the fact that I haven't got a lot of money since I was paid wrong has been getting me down lately. But this morning, something changed.

I was walking to uni and I could smell it...


It was gorgeous. I can't describe the smell of spring, but it's there and when the air hits your nose it fills you with all kinds of happiness. I walked through university and saw the sprouting daffodils and I knew what is soon to arrive. All around the little purple crocuses were popping their heads out of the ground to say hello. I even got a little bit hot with all my layers on!

To me, when I smell that, it's a sign of better things to come. I don't have long left until I finish my first year of uni and then it'll be summer and I will be going to Disney World Florida with my boyfriend. 

Not only that, but I have to remember all the good things I've already done. When I'm starting to feel a little down, I just remember the people who love me and support me and the wonderful things I have done. 

This picture also makes me feel happy because my boyfriend looks like one of those birds who puffs out its feathers.

See? There is positoovity in everything. 

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