Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Whozits & Whatsits - August

I'm actually so excited to write this post it's unbelievable! Although I'm also slightly concerned that it's already August! I can't believe that in one month I will be back at university for my final year and Summer will be basically over for a long, long time. But there's so much to look forward to this month. Including the launch of my advertising packages!

I have actually had these available for a few months now but never really plugged them as much as I probably could have. With some helpful tips from lovely bloggers on twitter I was able to fill my five advertising spaces for August plus one of the spaces for September! I decided I needed a Disney themed name for these posts (obviously), so I carried over my 'Whozits & Whatsits' segment from my original weekly posts where I shared blog love. 

They are all wonderful bloggers who I highly recommend you check out, but first of all you need to know a bit about them! 

Jasmin is an absolutely wonderful blogger who lived in New Zealand can you believe!? I'm very jealous of this and her lovely blog where she discusses all things lifestyle, including food, fashion, travel and more! A girl after my own heart for sure. She also discusses all things techy, something I definitely need help with so I'm sure that there are a fair few others out there! Hop on over to her blog now for a read!

The lovely Neesha is one of my favourite beauty bloggers, but what I love is that she writes about a bit of everything! From fashion, to days out and handy tips posts, there's never a dull read! Her writing style is so entertaining as well so she's not just a lot of pretty pictures! She also recently showed her results from a cookie recipe and I kid you not my mouth was watering. 

Danielle is one of my best blogging friends so I was absolutely thrilled that she wanted to advertise with me this month! She is just as Disney obsessed as I am (did you guess that from her blog name?), a fellow puppy mummy and just a generally creative and wonderful human being. Plus she does some of the best damn photography I've ever seen. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Sophie in Brighton last year as we both attend the same university (OR attended as Sophie has now graduated!) and she is literally the loveliest girl. Not only are her beauty posts wonderful but she also talks about the difficulties of living with trichotillomania. It's fantastic that she speaks out about her condition and how she overcomes it. 

I'm so happy up and coming blogger Sarah got in contact about advertising as it allowed me to discover her wonderful blog! A fellow lifestyle blogger, Sarah writes about her life and one of my favourite segments has to be the #WeBlogSummer posts. I love reading about other people's adventures so her blog is perfect for me! 

If you want to be featured here next month, check out my advertising package HERE!

Nominate me for 'Best Long Standing Lifestyle/Fashion Blog' in the Bloggers Blog Awards HERE!


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