Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Whozits & Whatsits - September

If you're wondering, I chose a really sunny picture because I'm clinging onto Summer for dear life. But as you can probably tell, it's becoming colder and Autumn is upon us. However, this does mean a new set of wonderful advertisers for September! If you do one thing today, you need to give each of these lovely ladies' blogs a read! 

Jess has perhaps one of the prettiest blog layouts I've ever seen (obviously that's not the only thing I love about her, but it is gorgeous!) and her blog is one you need to check out. Her wonderful lifestyle blog has a bit of everything, from food to days out to some seriously tempting looking recipes. It's also her birthday month so be sure to give her a birthday comment! 

Arianne has been one of my main supporters for a long time now and I'm always thrilled to see a comment or tweet from her! So I was delighted when she said she wanted to advertise with me in September. She's also my first international advertiser, residing from the U S of A! She writes some fantastic beauty posts and is also a fab youtuber, so definitely give her videos a watch too!

I absolutely love Charlotte's blog as she writes about everything I love! Fashion, food, beauty and more, there's never a dull post on her blog. She recently wrote about her adventures in Paris and Switzerland which I absolutely adored as getting a sneaky peek of anyone's holidays is always fantastic. 

Chloe's blog really hits home as I too am a nine grand student! Huzzah for university fees! If you're a student as well then you have to check out her blog. She writes all about student life, as well as giving her recommendations on the best budget buys and recipes. In fact, even if you're not a student you should check it out as who doesn't love a bargain?!

I am absolutely in love with Angi's blog. I adore her pastel themed photography which really does make it one of the prettiest blogs around. She writes about beauty and lifestyle, and I love reading about her new purchases (while also gaining flat lay inspiration!). She's definitely one to watch so go give her a follow! 

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